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Privacy & Safety

  • Here at Disayah Boutique we are very specific about the security of our website and customers! Our website is secured with all information that is  transferred through our site! Our site is open to both men and women and there is NO member login;  therefore we do not  store nor hold private information. During payments, your payment methods will be secured from any identity thefts/identity activities! Your payment methods and identity is safe with us!

  • We will not disclose your billing and/or credit card information with other parties unless required by law or a court order, or unless disclosure is required to address an issue implicated by the financial transaction. For instance, if you claim that your billing and/or credit card information was used to make a purchase you did not authorize, details about the transaction may be disclosed to law enforcement and any party we deem necessary to address the matter.

  • DisayahB is NOT responsible for size error/errors unless the size error was caused due to a mistake during the packaging process. We provide a detailed description of each item that is uploaded on our site. It is listed below each item and states the material patterns, style, detailed material, model size, and the support of the item. Please, use our description box as a supportive help while you explore and shop with us. 

Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards

- Offline Payments  (Cash app &   P2P Transaction)