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  • Daisy Amos

Stay Consistent In Your Path

The process of staying consistent within your path may not be easy to most but its worth the time when you can physically see your hard work paying off one step at a time. I've been through so many ups and downs, trial and errors, and more but that didn't stop me from being consistent with my path. You have to pretty much be selfish with yourself so that you can manifest what you want. Being selfish is not a bad thing when your are working towards greatness or building an empower for yourself. You also have to learn how to rely upon yourself. This was something I had a hard time doing because I assumed everyone would gravitate to me with support of my business but it does not work that way. Your dream is not everyone else dream, it's not their goal, nor their job to make your dream happen. It would be nice for people to care about your dreams and goals but everything is by choice. I know that may have sounded harsh but its the true factory to becoming the person you want to be. If you're going to be an entrepreneur, a business owner, or a leader you have to learn how to rely on yourself. The purpose of doing this is to depend upon yourself to get things done, to be the solution to any problem that goes wrong, and to make sure you are the leading example to your own destiny. The key to being consistent is not giving up and by not giving up; you keep going. The drive to keep moving forward no matter what comes your way is by having faith, seeing the happy ending before the storm clears, and walking through it all with your head held high. Create your path with the option to be consistent in what you want and have faith while doing it!

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