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Sometimes you have to look back at where you started to see where you are headed!

Most of us want the answers to building a business, becoming successful, accomplishing goals, etc. I believe some of us want everything to be handed to us without the hard work nor sacrifices! I used to be that person until I started to read more and focus on the focal point of why I wanted to start my own boutique. I sometimes get discourage and feel like I am not doing enough because I didn't pay attention to the small things that I was accomplishing. When you first start a business you're excited, happy, full of energy, feeling the love of people telling you congratulations and so on. A week or two goes by and all of a sudden you don't feel as happy as your were before. A month goes by and your confidences begins to shift. We start with high hopes than everything began to seem as though its falling apart when it's actually apart of your success journey. You have to be prepared, be mindful, willing to change, see things different, cut off bad habits, change your thinking and feelings, read more, take chances, and make sacrifices. I've done these things and I am still learning, changing, taking control of my thoughts and feelings but grateful. I've been in business for 2 yrs and 4 months and I must say that I am not where I started but I am not finish. I started with a backdrop that looked like a sheet curtain to buying a seamless backdrop to using a backdrop that I made myself! Throughout my journey I've faced a lot of bumps in the road but it has not stopped me from pursuing my "why". Business is not easy, however it is not hard. It's not a fair game but it is fun! If you ever want to be a business person or have your own business, make sure you

know exactly what you want, believe in it like you already have it, work hard everyday to pursue your dream, and change your mindset as you go along the way because you'll never know what it feels like to be successful if you give up! *Here are a couple of photos from when I first started to now!

Thank you,

Disayah B.

I am not where I started, but I am not finish

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