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My Beginning Stage Does Not Determine My Future!

Before I started my business it was just an "idea", an idea that became an obsession. My vision became stronger when my teacher at the time kept my exam project for her upcoming students as an example for the ongoing semester exams . The project consisted of students to pretend that they owned a store. Each had to come up with a store name, where the store front will be located, a budget, etc. The store had to be based off of everything that had to do with owning a business. By surprise, my ideas impressed my teacher so much that she kept my exam project. I truly began to work on starting a business after i graduated with a Fashion and Marketing Merchandise degree. I now think about where I've started to where I am at now, and I am far from where I started! Just like everyone else, I get discouraged, depressed, and find myself losing faith. Nevertheless I find myself not giving up, but always willing to go the extra mile. When you invest into something, you find it hard to let go of or give up on it. I refuse to give up on something that I've invested too much into. I told myself that I will not give up on my business because if I did, than I will not know what it feels like to win! Things come and go but if you work at it hard enough, your dreams and goals will come true. This year will be my year and for the most part, I can see it happening now! Take a chance now or forever sleep your dreams away, lets make it count!

If you support me, Thank You!

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