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  • Daisy Amos

Hello Spring....! Bring on the Sun!

Things has changed and so did the weather! We relaunched our website and styles for this year and with the positive feedback.....we would like to say Thank You! We have big plans, ideas, and amazing quality clothing to provide this year, so keep your eyes open! As the CEO of Disayah Boutique, I jumped on the boat of faith to show a piece of my creative side. I had a vision of my floral backdrop last year but i procrastinated the process. This year I jumped right back on it and did not stop until I finished it! What a success; I finished my backdrop and used it as part of my relaunch for my business. I will be using my backdrop for all of my spring and summer collection this year! Hand making that backdrop was amazing, beautiful, and a learning experiment. I was able to challenge and motivate myself when I felt that it wasn't coming out right or that it was ugly. I did not let that inner doubt stop me from finishing my vision. Throughout the process of me making the backdrop, I held the image of what I wanted it to look like when I got done and it came out exactly how I wanted it to be! No matter what you are doing or how you are doing it, just keep in mind of how you want the outcome to be and it will be just that! I learned that throughout the process of me making my backdrop and I thought that I should share some wise words! Thank You and enjoy our new looks!

Shop: "Orange Peel"

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